"Everyone In The World Is Doing The Charleston" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"Everyone In The World Is Doing The Charleston"

I've been trav'ling far and wide
Over on the other side
And it's strange what a change is happ'ning all around
Years ago it used to be
Shaking hands across the sea
Now we meet
Shaking feet
For this is what I found

Ev'ryone in the world is doing the Charleston
They do it in London, they do it in France

In Spain and Italy and in Germany they all Charleston
No matter how far you roam away from home
You'll find them doing that dance

That certain step that was all the craze
With those Lenox Avenue shieks
Is being done by the Portuguese
The Armenians and the Greeks

Papers say that most ev'ry day there's a European who
Sprained his knee in the Charleston, Charleston
Because they're all doing it now