"From Here To Shanghai" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"From Here To Shanghai"

[1st verse:]
I've often wandered down
To dreamy Chinatown
The home of Ching-a-ling
It's fine! I must declare
But now I'm going where
I can see the real, real thing

I'll soon be there
In a bamboo chair
For I've got my fare
From here to Shanghai

Just picture me
Sipping Oo-long tea
Served by a Chinaman
Who speaks a-way up high
("Hock-a-my, Hock-a-my")

I'll eat the way they do
With a pair of wooden sticks
And I'll have Ching Ling Foo
Doing all his magic tricks

I'll get my mail
From a pale pig-tail
For I mean to sail
From here to Shanghai

[2nd verse:]
I'll have them teaching me
To speak their language, gee!
When I can talk Chinese
I'll come home on the run
Then have a barr'll of fun
Calling people what I please