IRVING BERLIN lyrics - How About A Cheer For The Navy?

"How About A Cheer For The Navy?"

The Army this, the Army that
Is all we heard from where we sat
Now how about a cheer for the Navy?

The Army's great, the Army's tough
But don't you think we've heard enough?
So how about a cheer for the Navy?

We know that Mister Stimson is solid as the rocks
But how about an orchid for Secretary Knox?

The Army may be in the groove
But Walter Winchell won't approve
Unless you give a cheer for the Navy

Hip hip hooray
We haven't got long to stay
So how about one bouquet
For the Navy?

One word of praise, let it flow from your lips
One cheer and then we'll go back to our ships

Hip hip hooray
The Army has had its say
You're letting them get away
With the gravy

Just let them know
That an Army show
Could never be a hit without the Navy

The Army's what you may prefer
But in the social register
Is where you'll have to look for the Navy

If you would like to touch the gilt
Of Astor or of Vanderbilt
You'll have to come around to the Navy

The show was in the alley, it simply wouldn't do
Until the big finale with Navy white and blue

The Army sails across the foam
The Navy always bring them home
So how about a cheer for the Navy?

[Coda as sung in film:]
Give a cheer, give a cheer, give a cheer, give a cheer
For the Navy
Just make it clear
That a rousing cheer
Is very much in order for the N-A-V-Y
The Navy