"How's Chances?" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"How's Chances?"

[1st verse:]
The nickels and dimes I got
Have bought me an awful lot
A great big box of bonds and stocks
A hundred frocks, a car and a yacht
But having so much and more
Is getting to be a bore
It's not much fun when day is done
Without someone to love and adore

How's chances, say, how are the chances
Of making you love me the way I love you

I'd give up the things I'm possessing
To be caressing someone like you

How's chances for one of those glances
A glimpse of the heaven I'm longing to see

How's chances to end all your romances
And start taking your chances with me

[2nd verse:]
My tailor's the best but he
Is dear as a man can be
My shoes and spats, my opera hats
And my cravats are made just for me
I like an expensive car
And when at my favorite bar
I think it's fine to order wine
And when I dine, I love caviar

[Alternate Verse, From Sheet Music:]
When I want to see the boys
I know where to find the boys
I don't go through a club or two
I just find you and there are the boys
To get you alone I strive
You ask me to tea at five
I find you then with other men
And wonder when my chance will arrive

[Alternate Bridge:]
My castle will need some restoring
Ceiling and flooring, furniture, too

[Another Alternate Bridge:]
How many young men must I fight with
To be in right with, in right with you