"I Hate You" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"I Hate You"

[1st verse:]
[Lilliburn:] I couldn't love you if I tried for years
[Ernesta:] I never asked you to
[Lilliburn:] I think that you're the cause of all my fears
[Ernesta:] I think the same of you
[Lilliburn:] There's quite a lot I despise about you
[Ernesta:] I'm very sorry that we met
[Lilliburn:] I'll get along very well without you
[Ernesta:] You'd be very easy to forget

[Lilliburn:] I hate the very ground you walk upon
[Ernesta:] I hate your great big eyes of blue
[Lilliburn:] I hate the very phone you talk upon
[Ernesta:] I don't give a rap for you
[Lilliburn:] I hope you never do
[Ernesta:] I hate the color of your curley hair
[Lilliburn:] I hate the clothes you wear all through
[Ernesta:] Then besides I must hate someone
And it might as well be you

[2nd verse:]
[Lilliburn:] You're not the girl I'd want to be my wife
[Ernesta:] I'd never marry you
[Lilliburn:] You don't mean anything in my young life
[Ernesta:] I never wanted you
[Lilliburn:] I hate your dress just because you wear it
[Ernesta:] I hate the place where you reside
[Lilliburn:] Don't ever fret, you will never share it
[Ernesta:] Rest assured I'll never walk inside