"I Lost My Heart In Dixieland" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"I Lost My Heart In Dixieland"

[1st verse:]
I'm always losing something ev'ryplace I go
Just why, I don't know
And it worries me so
Last year I lost a diamond ring that used to shine
And the other day while trav'ling
Below the Mason-Dixon line

I lost my heart in Dixieland
Where the cotton grows
And the Swanee flows

I lingered long enough to see
That a home in Dixie
Would appeal to me

There's something real
About the people there
They make you feel
So welcome ev'rywhere

I went out walking with a Tennessee Kid
She kissed me and the minute she did
I lost my heart in Dixieland

[2nd verse:]
I'm going back to Dixie and look for my heart
You and I must part
I'm all ready to start
Send all my mail to Dixie, that's where I am bound
I may stay down there forever
Because my heart may ne'er be found