"I Love To Have The Boys Around Me" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"I Love To Have The Boys Around Me"

[1st verse:]
When I was a Baby
I used to sit on my Daddy's knee
When I was a school girl
The fellows always appealed to me
My Dad said "Don't scold her
She'll change when she's older"
But strange to say
To this very day
I've never changed

I love to have the boys around me
Around me all the time
I'm never happy till I'm with the men
Then I'm happy till we meet again
I simply couldn't live without them
There's something makes me wild about them
All kinds
The very large and very small kinds
I love to have them chasing me
Embracing me
All of the time

[2nd verse:]
I'm hoping for Heaven
But let me tell you in any case
If boys aren't up there
I want to go to the other place
I never will marry
A Tom, Dick or Harry
Just one, you see
Wouldn't do for me
I love them all