"I Never Knew" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"I Never Knew"
(Words by Elsie Janis, Music by Irving Berlin)

[1st verse:]
How short the days that we spent together
How long the hours since you went away
The world might still be a golden daydream
Had I known then what I know today

I never knew
How much I loved you
I never knew
What love could mean

I never knew
I would regret dear
The Golden Days
That might have been

I never knew
I could be lonely
I never knew
I could feel blue

I never knew
How much I'd want you
Until I knew someone else wanted you

[2nd verse:]
We miss the flow'rs when the snow is falling
We miss the sun when the skies are grey
The sweetest dream soon becomes a mem'ry
A golden mem'ry of yesterday