IRVING BERLIN lyrics - I Wish That You Was My Gal, Molly

"I Wish That You Was My Gal, Molly"

[1st verse:]
I saw you, Molly, walking with your sweetheart
And I only looked and wished that I was he
You looked so swell, I couldn't help but wonder
If a gal like you would ever fall for me?
I know he thinks the world and all about you
Well I wish I had the chance to think so too
He wouldn't be the same old boy without you
Gee, it must feel great to have a gal like you

I wish that you was my gal, Molly
I only wish I was your beau
To feel that you was my pal, Molly
Would mean an awful lot I know
It isn't right I know to tell you
But what's a fellow goin' to do?
I wish that you was my gal, Molly
I only wish you loved me too

[2nd verse:]
Come, tell me why you started crying, Molly
Did I hurt your feelings? Tell me if I did
I didn't mean to knock your other sweetheart
On the level, I am awful sorry, kid
I told my mother just how much I love you
It was her that made me go to you and tell
So, let me be your pal, if not your sweetheart
When you marry, I'll be there to wish you well