"I Wonder" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"I Wonder"

[1st verse:]
We talked it over
'Neath a cloudy sky
Love's dream was ended
And we said goodbye
You decided just as I did
That it could not go on
I'm lonely for you only
And now that you are gone

I wonder
If you still remember
I wonder
If you could forget

I often wonder
If it's really over
Or if you love me
Just a little bit yet

I wonder
If you ever miss me
I wonder
If you're ever blue

I wonder when
We'll meet again
And I wonder if you wonder too

[2nd verse:]
I miss the evenings
That we spent alone
The sweet "good mornings"
On the telephone
How I yearn to just return to
The days beyond recall
And the kisses that you gave me
I miss them most of all