"It's The Little Bit Of Irish" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"It's The Little Bit Of Irish"

When Irish meets Irish
They will seldom disagree
There's a perfect understanding
Like a chord of harmony
They talk the same
And they walk the same
They think the same, they do
That's just why you fancy me
And I fancy you

Why do you love what I do?
It's the little bit of Irish
That's in your heart

When McCormack sings
Why do you shout with joy?
If a band should start
Playing an Irish rhythm
You'd go with 'em

Why do you speak as I do
With a little bit of brogue
From which you'll never part?

When you see a three leaf clover
Why do you smile all over?
It's the little bit of Irish in your heart

[2nd verse:]
When Irish meets Irish
Should they ever start a fight
They will leave it to a German
To decide which one is right
Lord help the Hun
The unlucky one
Who's picked out to decide
Hist'ry tells us that's just how
A thousand Huns died