"It's Up To The Band" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"It's Up To The Band"

I can feel my spirits change
In a manner very strange
It happens so unexpected
My temperature is affected
By the music of a band
I could never understand
Why each melody
Makes a change in me
So when I hear you asking

How do I feel? I'll answer you by saying
It depends a good deal on what the band is playing
As to whether I'm blue or I'm happy
It's up to the band

Why am I glad? I heard a jazzy melody
And why am I sad? It's 'cause they played the "Rosary"
So whether I'm laughing or crying
It's up to the band

I want those sad musicians to play
But after they start
I feel like shouting "Take 'em away
They're breaking my heart"
And then a

Rhythm that's new will give the gloomy tune a kick
And what do I do? I act just like a lunatic
And I'm not to blame for what happens
It's up to the band