"Learn To Do The Strut" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"Learn To Do The Strut"

There's a brand new step
That they call the strut
Listen, my dear, you'll make a dancing "rep"
If you do the strut
Anyone here can do it
There's nothing to it
I know that you have done
Of the diff'rent dances
The waltz and the lanciers

You oughta learn to do the strut
You'd better leave your house or hut
Before the dancing halls are shut
And you will go right off your nut

'Bout that new step
That easy to do step
If you'll be led
I'll show you how it's done
Just throw back your head
And then

You step around just like a hen
To all the girls and dancing men
I wanna say just once again
It isn't hard to do so when

You've begun it
Don't stop till you've done it
A jazzy tune and pretty soon
You're gonna find yourself struttin' around