"Let's Go Around The Town" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"Let's Go Around The Town"

[1st verse:]
[Ernesta:] Where can we go to pass the time away?
[Flint:] I know a very lively cabaret
[Hardacre:] You'll have to lead me to it, I'm a jay
[Steele:] Show me the sight of it, I'll make a night of it
[Strange:] Let's go 'round and take in the show
[Lilliburn:] I'm with you wherever you go

Let's go 'round the town
And where a band is playing
We'll go hip-hurrah-ing
And we'll turn things upside down
Our heads will grow dizzy
Keeping headwaiters busy
I promise you
We'll discover places that Columbus never found
Come on and drown your troubles in champagne bubbles
While we're going around the town

[2nd verse:]
[Ernesta:] I'd like to go and see the town a bit
[Flint:] I'd like to be where they're all doing it
[Hardacre:] I'd like to listen to the latest hit
[Steele:] I'd run a mile or two just for a smile or two
[Strange:] Let's go where they gladden the heart
[Lilliburn:] I'm with you whenever you start