"Lock Me In Your Harem And Throw Away The Key" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"Lock Me In Your Harem And Throw Away The Key"

[1st verse:]
In the heart of Cairo, the Sultan one day
Nearly lost his life when his horse ran away
Pat McCann, an Irishman, who happened to be there
Stopped the horse and saved the Sultan's life by a hair
The Sultan said "I'll give you anything I can afford"
Patrick answered "If you want to give me a reward

Lock me in your harem and throw away the key
Let me cuddle-uddle up to Rosie and May
Let me see the fat one who dances all the day
My eyes were made for seeing
Honest, I'm a human being
Down in your harem
There's Rosie, Josie, Posie
And I know that you could spare 'em
So won't you let me stay
Locked in the harem with the keys thrown away

[2nd verse:]
When the Sultan brushed off his clothes and could speak
He replied "You're welcome to stay for a week"
Pat walked in the harem with a smile from ear to ear
Tho' the Sultan said a week, he stayed for a year
The morning after Pat came home his wife began to weep
He could not explain why he was singing in his sleep