"Polly, Pretty Polly (Polly With A Past)" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"Polly, Pretty Polly (Polly With A Past)"
(Words by George M. Cohan and Music by Irving Berlin)

Poor old New York has been captured at last
Broadway is up in the air
We lost our hearts to a girl with a past
Dear little sweet Polly Claire
You'll hear them sing ev'rywhere

Polly, pretty Polly
She's a jolly little dame

Polly's created some talk
Polly's the talk of New York

Polly, pretty Polly
Fun and folly is her aim

A future at last for a girl with a past
Pretty Polly is her name

[2nd verse:]
David Belasco's to blame for it all
He brought the girl into sight
Even invited New Yorkers to call
Polly's at home ev'ry night
Now we all sing with delight