"Smile And Show Your Dimple" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"Smile And Show Your Dimple"

[1st verse:]
Little girlie, you look sad
I'm afraid you're feeling bad
Because he's leaving
But stop your grieving, little girl
He don't want you to feel blue
For it's not the thing to do
It will soon be over
Then he'll come marching back to you

Smile and show your dimple
You'll find it's very simple
You can think of something comical
In a very little while
Chase away the wrinkle
Sprinkle just a twinkle
Light your face up
Just brace up and smile

[2nd verse:]
Little girlie, don't you know
That your pearly teeth will show
If you start smiling
So keep on smiling, little girl
You can cut your cares in half
If you only try to laugh
Look into my cam'ra
I'm goin' to take your photograph