"Teach Me How To Love" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"Teach Me How To Love"

[1st verse:]
I had a diff'rent teacher ev'ry year
They taught me ev'rything and yet I fear
My education's been neglected, dear
They never taught me to love

I don't know that much about Geography
Grammar, Arithmetic or History
But I know ev'rything about love from A to Z

[Girl:] Teach me how to love, I'd like to know, sir
[Boy:] If you want to love, come over closer
[Girl:] Do you know the game, dear?
[Boy:] That's my middle name, dear
[Girl:] Call me turtle dove, I'd like to hear it
[Boy:] It will fit you like a glove
[Girl:] I'd like to know a teeny weeny bit about it
[Boy:] I could explain it to you, if your lips were pouted
[ENSEMBLE:] Look at 'em doin' it!
[Boy:] Hold steady!
[ENSEMBLE:] Look at 'em doin' it!
[Girl:] Oh, oh, it's very good, Eddy
Won't you teach me some more?

[2nd verse:]
[Girl:] How many lessons do you think I'll need?
[Boy:] Not many lessons if you'll only heed
[Girl:] You know a lot about it, yes, indeed
[Boy:] I've taken lessons for years
[Girl:] I'd like to understand it through and through
[Boy:] Practice makes perfect, so it's up to you
[Girl:] I'm waiting
[Boy:] 'Twon't be long before you're a teacher, too