"That Kazzatsky Dance" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"That Kazzatsky Dance"

[1st verse:]
Abie darling dear, can't you hear very clear
They're playing that Kazzatsky dance
Cohen with his hand leads the band
Ain't it grand
I tell you Abie take a chance
Take me by the wrist with your fist, make a twist
Or else I'll go right in a trance
Come and give your baby just one glance
And we'll do that Yiddisher dance

Oi, that Kazzatsky dance
It makes me lose my sense
Come and get handy, it's dandy, dandy
Kiss me Kid, I'm candy
Oi, that Kazzatsky dance
I'm going in a trance
I love my ham and cabbage kid
But Oi, that Yiddisher
That Yiddisher
Oi, that Kazzatsky dance

[2nd verse:]
Abie hurry up, take your time, hurry up
I want to dance fast, please go slow
Darling run away, better stay, while they play
Because I hate you, love you so
Look at what you did, oh you kid in the lid
I'm going crazy like a loon
Make some spooning with a silver spoon
While they play that Yiddisha tune