"The Friars Parade" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"The Friars Parade"

[1st verse:]
Hear the sound of shuffling feet
On the pavements of the street
Look up the Avenue
Hear that shout, tell me haven't you
Heard about the Friars coming into town
Ev'rybody come on down

Come and see the Friars
Here they come, here they come
See that mob go marching four in a row
On the job to give a wonderful show
Look at those live wires
In their dusters arrayed
Just hear that snappy rhythm
From the band
Come on and march right with 'em
You'll see the best show ever played
If you follow the Friars parade

[2nd verse:]
See those "coppers" on the track
Holding ev'rybody back
They've stopped the trolley cars
To make room for a hundred stars
Like a broom they'll sweep the town of all dull care
Ev'rybody should be there