"The Girls Of My Dreams" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"The Girls Of My Dreams"

When the shadows fall
And the crickets call
I can hear the voice of dreamland
Calling to me from afar
Where my little dreamgirls are
When the lights are low
Silently I go
To the girls I know in dreamland
Happiness awaits me in the land of dreams
For the girls I love are there

I'd love to meet
The girls of my dreams
They're all so sweet
The girls of my dreams

When I need sympathy
They cheer and comfort me
And I call my little girls
My string of pearls
My precious rosary

When day draws near
The girls of my dreams
All disappear
To heaven it seems

In the morning they are gone
But they're mine till break of dawn
And I love ev'ryone of the girls of my dreams