"The Law Must Be Obeyed" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"The Law Must Be Obeyed"

[1st verse:]
Do you know just who we are
If you don't, look at that star
We're the Constabules
And we're no darned fools
There are speeders in the town
And we're here to run them down
They ran like the dickens
And they killed four chickens
That belonged to Farmer Brown
We've got a darned good clue
The car was painted blue

We're the county sheriffs
And the law must be obeyed

When they speed in an automobile
You can hear us holler, "Whoa, Bill"

Any time we catch them
There's a fine that must be paid

So we must arrest those gents
The jail house needs a fence
It'll cost us sixty cents
So the law must be obeyed

[2nd verse:]
We will catch them yet, by heck!
If it makes us both a wreck
When we do, you bet
They'll be all upset
There was one that wore a cap
Like a gosh darned sporty chap
No doubt from the city
'Cause a gal quite pretty
Was a-sittin' on his lap
Don't be one bit surprised
You may find us disguised