"The Minstrel Parade" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"The Minstrel Parade"

[1st verse:]
It's eleven forty-five
Just as sure as you're alive
Just see those minstrel folks
Parading up the Avenue two by two
They've been billed all over town
Ev'ry one of them a clown
Why, I can hear them coming up the street
Honey, you better come down

Here they come, here they come
Marching to the big bass drum
Come and see those minstrels parade
In their costumes covered with braid
Hear those coons playing tunes
Like they should be played
From ev'ry dwelling
Folks will come
To hear them telling
Lots of funny riddles at the old town hall
One and all
Come on and watch the minstrel parade

[2nd verse:]
Get your tickets for the show
Oh, my honey, if you go
You'll know the reason why
A chicken goes across the street
It's a treat
Paint your face up with a smile
Get yourself rigged up in style
They're only here to play a one night stand
Honey, you better come down