"The New Moon" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"The New Moon"

[1st verse:]
Beneath a sky of gray
The lovers stroll along
The flow'rs have died away
The birds have hush'd their song
There's a teardrop in her eye
For he's come to say good-bye
He whispers "Dearie, don't you cry
For I won't be long"

When the new moon is shining
I'm coming back to you
Clouds have a silvery lining
Soon the silver will be peeping thru
Angel hands will be mending
A broken romance soon
They will bless us with a happy ending
'Neath the bright new moon

[2nd verse:]
The clouds will roll away
And then we'll meet again
A happy wedding day
Will dawn upon us then
Little sweetheart, don't you pine
Soon you'll see the new moon shine
A little patience, girl of mine
Till we meet again