"They Always Follow Me Around" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"They Always Follow Me Around"

[1st verse:]
There must be something nice about me
Because the girls can't do without me
I refuse them but can't lose them
They always follow me
I never dare to go out riding
I've always got to keep in hiding
I'm a chappy most unhappy
Just because the girls

They follow me around, all around, all around
Follow me around, all around, all around
I don't know why they hound me, surround me
Where ever I may be I can see two or three
Ev'ry other she wants to be on my knee
And any time they find me
They drag along behind me
It keeps me dodging in hallways
Because they always follow me around

[2nd verse:]
I'm followed by young girls good looking
And even cooks who do their cooking
Leave their stoves and come in droves
Demanding my autograph
The matinee I play on Wednesday
Is what I've nick-named "My Old Hen's Day"
Each old maid is on parade
And when they see me come