"Wait Until You're Married" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"Wait Until You're Married"

[Father's Refrain:]
You must wait
Until you're married
If you want
A happy life
If you want to know what bliss is
You must save your kisses
Till you're married, married
Till you become a wife

[Daughter's Verse:]
No more pig-tails, no more toys
I'm old enough to play with boys
No more school books, I'm all set
For the kisses that I haven't had yet

[Daughter's counterpoint Refrain:]
I can't wait till I'm married to unwrap my many charms
I can't wait till I'm married to be lost in someone's arms
I can't wait for those kisses till I take that marriage vow
I can't wait until I'm married, I want a little love right now