"Was There Ever A Pal Like You?" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"Was There Ever A Pal Like You?"

[1st verse:]
Mother dear, it's lonely here without you
Days and nights are long, ev'rything goes wrong
All I seem to do is think about you
Dearest friend I knew
Oh, how I miss you

Was there ever a pal like you?
Was there ever a gal like you?

You taught me the right from the wrong way
You showed me the short from the long way

Was there ever a flow'r that grew
Half as pure as your heart so true?

They needed an angel in Heaven
So they sent for a pal like you

[2nd verse:]
Mother dear, my love for you grows dearer
Dearer day by day since you went away
Ev'ry day an angel draws us nearer
Just a while and then
We will meet again