"We'll Never Know" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"We'll Never Know"

[1st verse:]
After all these years I can't forget
The happiness that I once knew
Maybe there's a spark that's burning yet
And filling me with thoughts of you
Gone is the treasure we found and let go
Was it worth keeping? We never will know

There might have been a sky of blue for me and you
We'll never know

There might have been a garden, too, where roses grew
We'll never know

We might have built a castle high
For you were young and so was I

But we just kissed and said "Goodbye"
And so
We'll never know

[2nd verse:]
Maybe we had found the thing we sought
And maybe it was worth the cost
Leaving it behind without a thought
What happiness we might have lost
Maybe the rose that we covered with snow
Wanted to blossom, we never will know