"What Does It Matter?" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"What Does It Matter?"

[1st verse:]
Troubles and worries may darken the day
Shadows may frighten the sunshine away
Winds may blow over the land and sea
But as long as there's you and there's me

What does it matter if the sun won't shine
'Long as you are mine
What does it matter?

What does it matter if the clouds appear
'Long as you are near
What does it matter?

Life is never one sweet song
Things are liable to go wrong

What does it matter 'long as I love you
And you love me too
What does it matter?

[2nd verse:]
Morning may wake us with unpleasant news
Things may go wrong, just as wrong as they choose
Skies may be cloudy or skies may be blue
But as long as there's me and there's you