"When I'm Out With You" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"When I'm Out With You"

[1st verse:]
Let's take a stroll up the avenue
Dearie, I love to be seen with you
Showing off is one of my joys
Let me show you off to the boys
You'll never guess what they say and do
When I am out with you

I've seen them stare as we're passing by
I've seen them glare with a jealous eye

Let me tell you that I'm all in clover
When I notice how they look you over

I've heard them cry, "It's the very best!"
Now you know why I throw out my chest

You beautiful thing, I'm as proud as a king
When I'm out with you

[2nd verse:]
I like your clothes 'cause I think they're great
You're the original fashion plate
Always something diff'rent to show
All dressed and someplace to go
If I'm conceited, don't think it queer
There is a reason, dear