"When The Curtain Falls" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"When The Curtain Falls"

[1st verse:]
[She:] I have a cute idea for a play
[He:] Tell me about it, do
[She:] It's just a story of ev'ryday
[He:] Nothing today is new
[She:] There isn't much to my little plot
[He:] I'm sure it's more than you say
[She:] Maybe you will not like it a lot
[He:] Tell me about your play

In the first act
A girl and boy appear
In the second act
Their fam'lies interfere

A row is started
They're broken-hearted
And soon they're parted
For one long year

In the third act
The lovers meet again
And before they take
Their curtain calls

We see them spending
A happy ending
In the last act
When the curtain falls

[2nd verse:]
[She:] What do you think of my little play?
[He:] I think it simply great
[She:] Somebody may produce it someday
[He:] I'll bet you just can't wait
[She:] I wonder what the critics will say
[He:] I'm sure 'twill fill them with joy
[She:] I'd love to be the girl in the play
[He:] I'd love to be the boy