"When You're In Town" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"When You're In Town"

[1st verse:]
One fine day on Broadway
Simple Sally Brown
Met a trav'ling salesman who was trav'ling around
"Howdy do, how are you?
Let's go see the town"
Sally answered, "What a pity
I would like to but the city
Folks would talk, they would talk, you know that they can
But I'd like to know you better, Mister Trav'ling Man

When you're in town, in my home town
Look me up, look me up
I'll be happy to see you
When you're passing my way, drop in and stay
If you'll come, you're welcome as flowers in May
And you can hang your samples on a sour apple tree
And I'll see that no one's around
For I'd much rather walk where the neighbors don't talk
When in town call around, goodbye

[2nd verse:]
Sally Brown settled down
Wed her trav'ling man
He said, "Dearie, I'll be home as much as I can"
Trav'ling men, now and then
Get a telegram
Their employer sends a wire
"Go and see a certain buyer"
Looking 'round, Sally found in her hubby's coat
Seven diff'rent notes that seven diff'rent females wrote