"You're A Sucker For A Dame" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"You're A Sucker For A Dame"

You know the big percentage in roulette
And that is why you never place a bet
You've talked to sev'ral horses that have won
And once or twice you knew who'd win before the race was run
You know what's coming when the cards are cut
You're on to each and ev'ry racket, but

[1st refrain:]
You're a sucker for a dame
The pucker of a dame will make you jump
Just like a chump

When you gaze into her eyes
The springs that make you wise refuse to work
And you're a jerk

I've seen you playing poker with three aces
A hand of which you're very, very fond
You knew that your opponent had three deuces
But it happened your opponent was a blonde

So you just threw your cards away
And thought about the day when you became
A sucker for a dame

[2nd refrain:]
You're a softy for a dame
You're lofty till a dame sets out her traps
Then you collapse

You can hold your own with guys
But when a lady's eyes begin to pop
You blow your top

You're selling real estate that's under water
The deal is set, you're riding on a crest
The customer comes in to sign the papers
In a sweater and a shelf upon her chest

So you just tore your papers up
And took her out to sup, then you became
A sucker for a dame
A sucker for a dame