"You've Built A Fire Down In My Heart" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"You've Built A Fire Down In My Heart"

[1st verse:]
Dearest, the day that I gazed in your eyes
That was the day that Cupid came
Some joyous feeling makes me realize
My heart is wrapped up in a flame
And you're piling coal of love, honey mine
On my burning heart all the time
Worried, unhappy I'm going about
Fearing you'll put this fire out

You've built a fire down in my heart
Dearest, it's burning higher than any house on fire
Just like a live, live wire, right from the start
Oh, my pretty heart's desire, you have built a fire
Down in my heart

[2nd verse:]
Dearest, I promise this fire will burn
Burn on until the end of time
All that I ask of you dear in return
Is lots of fuel, honey mine
And if e'er a spark of love should depart
From this fire down in my heart
Honey, I hope the spark travels to you
And sets your heart on fire too