"You've Got Me Hypnotized" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"You've Got Me Hypnotized"

[1st verse:]
Listen, honey dear
I've been feeling queer
I don't know what to do
Since I fell in love with you
It's true
I'm feeling so lonesome and blue too
I'll go crazy soon
Morning, night and noon
I'm just going around
With my eyes upon the ground
And now, my honey I've found

You've got me hypnotized
I'm certainly mesmerized
I thought I was wise
Till I gazed in your beautiful eyes
That very day
You stole my heart away
I'm doing things I shouldn't do
Things I wouldn't do
Things I couldn't do
I could do for you
Just because you've got me hypnotized

[2nd verse:]
Honey, just for you
If you asked me to
Like a baby I'd crawl
Ev'ry time I hear you call
I'm all
Wrapped up in a heavenly shawl, all
That I do is fret
Till my eyes are wet
If my love disappears
I would sit and cry for years
And weep an ocean of tears