"One Task" lyrics - J. TILLMAN

"One Task"

Had one task
In our home
Had to draw water from the well for my father's horse
I was the least
Among my brothers
And I would be the last among them to hold the reins

I could feel the heat
From old lightning
Before my father was awake
We'd take off riding

There was one law
At my father's house
There's nothing the family needs it can't do without
The horse I loved
The old and lame
By the time its service was done it'd be twice its age

One morning in the mist
I jumped the last fence
More farther than even he
Or the old man went
The wild dancing fire
Was snuffed out of me
That beast worked his whole life
And broke beneath me

I had one task
In our home
I had to drag a horse to the field with my father's gun