"Big Sur" lyrics - JACK JOHNSON

"Big Sur"

Behind the wheel against the road
Next to you is central coast
The central thought within my mind
Is how to stay within these lines, but still be free

Beneith the ground the giants sleep and maybe we're just in their dreams
The setting sun with every turn
Above the ground the oak trees burn
And they wheep, for rain
And for this endless conversation
Instigated by the stars

A pocket knife and no guitar
Coffee cup a deck of cards
To run dashboard feet
Flashlight children by the streem

A box of books
A book of rocks
One for the birds
One for the knots
That I will learn how to tie around this day
From sliding away

From this endless conversation
Instigated by the stars
A little word to keep it perdy
Facinated by it all

The first awake will stoke the coals
The early morning river roads
The last one in the swing will break
Stones will stake the kids will make those lines

Rocks and boxes by the creek
Words are broken smoke signals will leads us into the light
Into it all and

Always endless conversations
Implicated by the stars
A little wood to keep it burning
Facinated by it all