"Go On" lyrics - JACK JOHNSON

"Go On"

In my rear view
I watch you watching the twilight
Behind the telephone lines
Nothing to prove, or to assume
Just thinking that your thoughts are different than mine

In my rear view
I watch you
I give you your life, would you give me mine?

I see you slowly swim away
Because the light is leaving town
To a place that I can't be
There's no apologies

Just go on
Just go on
There are still so many things
I want to to say to you

But go on
Just go on
We're bound by blood that's moving
The moment that we start
The moment that we start

I see perfect little eyes
Watch the shadows of the clouds
And the surface of the ocean out the window of a plane

I get nervous when I fly
I'm used to walking with my feet
Turbulence is like a sigh that I can't help but over think

What is the purpose of my life
If it doesn't ever do
With learning to let it go
Live vicariously through you

You can do the same
It's the least you can do
Because it's a lonely little chain
If you don't add to it