"Ones And Zeros" lyrics - JACK JOHNSON

"Ones And Zeros"
(Zach Gill / Jack Johnson / Merlo Podlewski / Adam Topol)

There's a black hole pulling me in
I slowly bend until I see the back of my own sins
I stole my soul from myself now I wonder

Wonder, is there somebody with a perfect plan
That goes boom when it's stamped and we could understand
How the gods of old used to clap their hands to make thunder

So we're clapping and we're laughing like it was so absurd
In the future we'll be laughing at who we were right now
As man plays god with the land that he plunders

To the one unknown no one can know nor see
That's resistant to greed
If we listen to time after time, time can never go under

There's this vine trying to climb
Through the window into my life
I don't mind
I don't mind
I don't mind
There's this wine trying to find
Its way from the bottle into my mind
In my mind
In my mind
In my mind

And so this vine is trying to climb
Through the window into my life
To bring me symmetry
And memories of a back-lit breeze
Back into a dream on the ground
Looking up at the sun coming down

Into a world of boys and girls
Are holding handheld devices
While they're eating and they're sleeping
And they're dreaming of the prices
We'll be paying down the line
When the ice melts maybe it will turn to wine

And all the greatest of the heroes started jumping from the books
They started wearing ones and zeros
Looking more and more like crooks
They stole the sunlight from the future
Took a sip, drained half the glass, and put it back

And a lot of people like to have a feast
Not so many could stomach the killing
Lot of traffic on the streets, so who's really doing all the drilling
Keep on filling what can never be full
My imagination has got a hold on me