"Posters" lyrics - JACK JOHNSON


Looking at himself, but wishing he was someone else
Because the posters on the wall, they don't look like him at all

So he ties it up, he tucks it in, he pulls it back, and gives a grin
Laughing at himself because he knows he isn't loved at all

He gets his courage from the can
It makes him feel like a man
Because he's loving all the ladies
But the ladies don't love him at all

Because when he's not drunk
He's only stuck on himself
And then he has the nerve
To say he needs a decent girl



All caught up in the trends
Well the truth began to bend
And the next thing you know man
There's just no truth left at all

Because when the pretty girl walks
She walks so proud
And when the pretty girl laughs
Oh man, she laughs so loud

And if it isn't this, then its that
As a matter of fact
She hasn't had a day to relax
Since she has lost her ability to think clearly

[Bridge 2x]
Well I'm an energetic, hypothetic version of another person
Check out my outsides, there's nothing in here