"Toys In The Attic" lyrics - JACK JONES

"Toys In The Attic"
(George Duning / Joe Sherman / George David Weiss)

A time for memories returning,
A time for heartache and yearning,
Shades of blue, crowding through,
As I sit here remembering you.
A time for wondering what happened,
For wondering why did it happen.
No goodbye, not a sigh,
How could love slip away and just dye.
I thought that you, the night, the summertime
Were out of sight and out of mind.
Yet here you are the night, the summertime
Still in my heart, I was blind.
A time for memories returning,
With too much heartache and yearning,
So I better store these dreams away,
Like broken toys in the attic the memories
Of my yesterdays