"Ezmerelda Steals The Show" lyrics - JACK WHITE

"Ezmerelda Steals The Show"

What melancholy magic
Has turned a multitude into mush
Mandibles drop from shock
An old lady at high altitude whispering, "Hush"

She slips off her white shoes
And grabs her tenor pacifier from its stand
Thirty half-steps to the microphone
Smile on her face, flower in her hand

Oh, how a crowd can melt when they've been dealt
Such a deliciously delicate blow
By a barefooted fairy, not with a clang but a whisper
Totally stealing the show

Fools desire distraction and not take to heart
Their faces to their gadgets fall south
Ignoring the beauty of fog on a hill
And a kitten with a mouse in its mouth

A motley mob settles down and there's hardly a frown
As the air in the temple turns to mist
A spotlight, a mark, and a cleanse of the throat
And her microphone gently is kissed

You can hear a boot lace and a speck of dust taste
As the babe bravely stared down the herd
But she played not a note and only one moment spoke
These simple and poignant five words:

"You people are totally absurd"