"That Was Then (This Is Now)" lyrics - JACK WHITE

"That Was Then (This Is Now)"

Do you know where to go?
When you're walking around at midnight?
You can look high and low
But you won't
Find yourself without a flashlight
There are plenty of ways
To explain your situation
When you're searching for love
You have no time to be patient

I looked all over town, all around
I didn't see you anymore
You were safe and bound, underground

Where I couldn't see you at all
I found myself, right at home on the shelf
While you were busy looking for yourself
That was then and this is now
And now the time has come

There was a time when a boy would cry alone
In his room, in the corner
And it's a crime that his toys would turn to stone
Like their original owner
But that was then and this is now
We all just figure it out somehow

Yes, we do
Ain't it true?
Find yourself over the hill
Break your crown, Jack and Jill
In the open or underground
Are you making plans or just making sounds?
Looking up and over the moon
You can find yourself
But don't find it too soon
Don't find it too soon
Take your time
But don't find it too soon

I looked all over town, all around
I couldn't find you anywhere
You were safe underground
Not a sound
Disappearing into thin air