"Maybe I'll Undertsand (Part 2)" lyrics - JAMES BROWN

"Maybe I'll Undertsand (Part 2)"

That's the reason she wanted me for, a part time love now
She says baby, baby you don't understand
And oh baby, I swear I just can't be your back door man now
Oh no I can't
I said, I said I just can't be
I said I just can't be your back door man
Oh no I won't
I won't sneak and hide baby
I'm a fool
People say I just don't understand
Oh no
I know

Play it one time Jimmy
Oh now
Take it down some
Can't lose these blues
Can't lose these blues

I remember, I remember
A gambler told one time
He said it's so hard
When you're trying to play a black jack game
Oh yes it Is
I had 15 hit him with a 6
You know, you know, he won just the same
Ain't that a sin
If I couldn't hit that 15 I had
Do you know, that would make me win
I guess I'm, I guess I'm, I'm in hard luck

Oh, Ohhh
Help me somebody
Help me somebody
Ohh, help me somebody...