"Spending Time With You" lyrics - JANET JACKSON

"Spending Time With You"

I close my eyes and fantasize
And I just imagine
A tropical island
We're all alone
Our pagers and cell phones shut off
Hot sunny heat
Cool ocean breeze
The sand beneath our feet
The crashing waves are like music
Found a place to sleep
Passion fruit to eat
Use all our energy
Under the moonlight making love

I don't think nothing can compare
Nothing better than
Nothing better than
(Or anywhere)
Nothing better than
(Cause I'm)
Spending time with you
Nothing better than
(As friend)
Nothing better than
(I'm so content)
Nothing better than
(Cause I'm)
Spending time with you

You are my angel
Heaven is close
My favorite place is where you are
So we don't have to do nothing special
Don't wanna run
It's always fun to chill at home
Monday through Friday
Sexy Saturday
Easy Sunday
Cause every day's a special one
Just like a holiday
Vacation getaway
After the foreplay
Go room to room making sweet love


I need time
Morning, noon and night
Just keep it coming, baby
Just keep me coming, baby

[Chorus 2x]