"Thankyous" lyrics - JANIS IAN


Papa gave me music
Mama gave me soul
Brother gave me reaching out to hold
Teachers gave me license
Learning set me free
Schooling gave me nothing
Music showed me how to live

Papa gave me want-to-be
Brother gave me empathy
Mama gave me woman
But that isn't all I need

I have lived in houses
I have lived in homes
Eaten off of tables made of wood or stone
Through the trials and tribulations
I've never known
How to say I love you
And let my feelings show

So thank you for the music
Thank you for the songs
Bless you for the freedom
In knowing right from wrong
I thank you for the laughter
The heartaches and the tears
It's a blessing to grow
It's a goodness to be here

You give me want-to-be
You give me sympathy
You give me woman
Thank you for loving me
And letting it show
It's a pleasure to be here
So bless us, every one