"React" lyrics - JAYLIB

(Otis Jackson, Jr. / James Yancey)
feat. Quasimoto

Let Quas upon the set
He came up out them dungeons to tell these suckers
Niggas, try come react, to what we doing
Stepping over to the lost gates
Not knowing what they doing

[Verse 1: Quasimoto]
New breed, we keep it live like it's Memorex
In other words, washing you out like some dinnerex
Put a curse on your life, and the next
You see images, at the line scrimmages
Alien regiments, instamens
Use for demented, 'cause ya'll niggas on limited inventive
'Cause you know, we on that Quasimoto mode
But we can roll, overload, your brain, through the snow
Vision 'cause ya'll be on that globe missions
When I try to react

[Hook 2x:]
And when one shows he pose threat to this one
This one will make that one into none

[Verse 2: Quasimoto]
Ripping up your face when you try to react
You get split with my stool-back, push your dome back
Till your cranium crack, and three more smacks for acting like that

Mr.Booty gets spliff leave you waiting for, facelift
Like he on some lace sniff, he talking all that end up laying stiff

New breed, Quasimoto emcees
We pushing our shit like niggas selling keys
While you niggas just fail as emcees

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 3: Madlib]
When we hit the spark, we up on model three
Honey dip, chronic blunt, snapple bottle sprees
Back in '91, sporting kiwi-strawberry weed
Had the Mr.Buddahs freestyle tapes
On the enders, if the tip, now we pop papes

Turn the astro black when it's time for wild-cakes
Word to armageddon, niggas don't even know where we headed
Our new breed is spreading
Niggas mad cuz' we setting shit off in verbal wettings
Why ya'll try to react?

[Hook 2x]