JEFF AMENT lyrics - Bulldozer


I see a cross, it means so little
Take a pill. I'm weak.
The sky is green. Inflicting steel.
Punctured wealth, it steals.

In...out of my way
Get out of mine of my way
Out of mind

I read the statements. Green and piled.
What's it mean? Life standards kept.
My secret's safe with hotel rooms
Housekeeping keeps it sealed
I can't believe it's real
Can you supersize my feel?


I hear. Spewing shit.
Acrylic wonderland.
My stomach kills. What I make of it.
Idyllic dot com man.

I saw you down on beale street
Couldn't believe what I saw
A star.
I saw you. Running away...

Got a chip. A boulder really.
Quite a load. Weight to shoulder.
Give you slip. I get away.
Get a grip. I'm here to stay.