"Holding On" lyrics - JEFF HEALEY

"Holding On"
(The Jeff Healey Band / Marti Frederiksen)

Lord, The Wind And The Rain Are Stronger Today
Lord, The Risk And The Pain Are Scaring Me Away
But You Call Me Just The Same
You Call Me By Name
Lord, I Know I Could Stay But I Would Never Know
You Have The Power To Stir Deep Waters Of My Soul
But It's A Chance I Have To Take So Willfully I Go
Because I Know
When I'm Weak You Are Strong
Though This Road Might Get Long
You Are Near And I'm Right Where I Belong
In Your Will, Holding On
Lord, You Know What I Need And You Will Provide
Daily Bread Just For Me And I Will Survive
This Desert Of Uncertainty And You'll Be My Guide
If I Abide
Holding On
Lord I'm Steady, Holding On To You