"Jelly Speaks On Struggle Jennings" lyrics - JELLY ROLL

"Jelly Speaks On Struggle Jennings"

Alright check it out Jelly Roll I'm right back like crack. Free DVR's while I'm thinkin' about like crack. I'm talkin' about. Anyways man I gotta put you up on somethin', young Struggle, the Struggle has just begun, is coming in July, July fourth. We gon' try and drop it on July fourth. And we gon' do a barbecue for free in West Nashville prolly [?] park or somethin' like that and we feedin' everybody for free. We feedin' the neighborhood. I ain't really feedin' the neighborhood, Struggle feedin' the neighborhood. But y'all know what it is, Struggle droppin' July fourth. The Struggle has just begun. What up [?] the half way house too, y'all fucked up if y'all ain't thinkin' we cuttin' them vocals man. We would come out with the halfway house 2007 if not I'll slap myself. Y'all know what it is